SICK Components

About the born of SICK Components: Our history and origins

Directly from the small country of Andorra, a group of bike lovers decided, in 2018, to take a step forward in his career creating his own company, SICK Components, and in this way, join the big market of bike components.

Our reasons were more than suitable and our conditions were more than appropriate: the Andorran country, characterised for his enormous valleys and his green mountains, has always been the perfect place to practise sport, especially mountain bike. This is reflected in the fact that the World Cup of Downhill is celebrated every year in Andorra, sign of the richness of his lands.

SICK Components: What are our objectives? What we can offer?

SICK Components is dedicated to make elite bike material, using always the best materials and a unique SICK design. Our company is growing rapidly day by day, and nowadays we distribute our materials in 28 countries around the world, with the aim of expanding this number in a future.

There’s a huge variety of products waiting for you in our website: you can choose between a handlebarssaddlesgrips, and you can even buy our own merchandising of SICK Components, all of this for a good price, giving you the opportunity to buy your bike products without waste too much money.

What’s your role in our company? What can SICK Components do for you?

Dear bikers, as our principal costumers, we want you to feel happy and confident with our services: we want to be your bike components shop of reference, offering you always our best materials for a good price. With you we would expand our little company more and more, and we would also offer you a new variety of SICK products in the future.

So, bikers, definitively you role is essential in the SICK Components project. We trust you to grow up together, so, let you trust in us for being with you in every ride!